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>> [ inaudible ] all pedestrian traffic. >> reporter: it all came down yesterday around lunch time. 1:00 p.m. police descend on the discovery channel headquarters in silver spring. an armed man takes three people hostage. chief manger said he had a feeli it wasn't going to end well. he had a wide range of emotions. he was up, he was down, he had come down a little sometime. we were not making progress. >> reporter: the suspect james jay lee threatened to kill the hostages, threatened to kill himself. lee's weapon, two guns. they turned out to be starter pistols. they make noise but they don't shoot bullets.
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attached to his body work the small propane tanks and two pipe bombs. >> the explosive devices that he had could have done significant damage to that lobby area and would have been lethal. to him and possibly the hostages. the hostages, one security guard work the discovery employees. they were forced to lie on the ground. >> reporter: they're listening to him saying he is ready to die. they're listening to him basically saying, you know, that he has no concern for them or their lives. and so the fact they were able to hold it together as they did, and it is just, i think they displayed great courage. >> reporter: the take-down. police secretly maneuvered an acteam on the other side of the wall close by the suspect. when thing got threatening, the action team acted. >> there was something that they
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did that took his attention away from talking to us on the phone. and focused it on them. and then my folks believed they heard a pop. and again, we don't know if it was a gun going off or if it was detonating a device. they felt they had to go in at that point. >> reporter: the suspect is dead. the hostages are safe and police are taking steps now to close this case. back to you. >> pat collins, thanks, pat. >> it was quite emotional as the 1,900 workers went back to work at the discovery building. this morning management met with the employees for a few hours and then they all left for an extended labor day weekend. john schriffen has more on. this. >> reporter: authorities turned over the building early this morning. about three hours we saw employees trickling in to check their belongings.
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while these workers did not talk to the media, an executive discovery did. he explained how today is an important 10 for the company that marks the first chance where they can mark this long process of healing. >> i don't think anyone walked in today with the same bounce in their step that they had in days previous. but we came together and there was a lot of joyfulness. >> reporter: but not by one, the employees made the emotional walk back inside the building that just yesterday was taken over by a gunman with explosives as they walked past security guards checking i.d.s, many broke down and thanked those who made sure the employees stayed safe. >> we addressed what happened yesterday. and began the healing process. there are a lot of hugs, a lot of tears. but our number one priority remains our employee well being.
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>> reporter: the company says over a dos dozen crisis counsel recovers currently on staff. the situation is affecting not just those who work inside a discovery building. these lasting images of police cars and s.w.a.t. trucks that sent authorities running for cover have left many in this downtown silver spring neighborhood scared. >> i'm scared. nervous to be out and about. you never know who it is that will do what. >> reporter: others who work in the area see the discovery building as a symbol of strength. >> putting discovery here was what brought silver spring back to life. and i think it is really important that people continue to make it a good place to work. >> it is better for people to come back and just go on with their lives. there is nothing really to do but just go on. >> reporter: discovery says that's exactly what they'll do. and discovery says for the duration of that nearly four-hour hostage takeover, they did not break from their regularly scheduled programming. that's because of their
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committal to the arts. that's discovery executive told us that after this long vacation on tuesday, workers will be back hear for work for good and he is hoping everyone will get back to work and start making quality tv. go go go go go go go go go go go . >> coming up in our broadcast around 6:30, we're learning more about the gunman. police went to his house in wheaton this morning and searches the place. turning now to hurricane earl, it is still packing a strong punch as it moves toward north carolina. doug kammerer is tracking it this evening. >> the good news is we're starting to see that storm weaken. winds of 115 miles an hour. that's barely category 3 status but it is very close to the ouboub outer banks. the storm started to make its way to the north and now a little to the east of nor. that's very good news for the
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islands of the outer banks and our area as well. here's the latest. just off the coast of the outer banks, well off our coastline. that's great news for us. we still have hurricane watches that are in effect for part of the region. again, that is not what i'm worried about. here is the hurricane watch. it includes ocean city, southern delaware, southern delmarva. it we'll see more of tropical storm force winds. 39 miles an hour or higher. and everybody here under a tropical storm warning. if you're thinking about heading to the beaches, you may want to wait until the week. they will be improving very quickly. if you have questions, veronica johnson and i are holing a web chat right now. we'll answer those questions for you and hopefully make you feel a little bit safer. i'll be back to tell but the rest of the holiday weekend. >> thanks, doug. the outer banks of north carolina could be hit hardest. most tourists heeded evac weighing orders and hit the road.
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>> reporter: old merle is everywhere you look. rental cottages sit empty. earl, a scavenger himself chased away all but the scavengers on the beach. foundations altered by storms past. a red flag flaps as if to say, come back another day, this little angel wishing she didn't have to go. word came early. mandatory evacuation for all nonresidents in dare county, south nags head included. >> get the people out of there so they're safe. so that our people are safe. we're not in there in the middle of it to rescue them. >> reporter: listen to what happened to the king family from charlotte. evacuated from hatteras island on wednesday, moved north to south nags head just to be evacuated again this morning. the evacuations affect thousands.
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in these three south nags head homes alone, 15 families and 56 people. bill is going back. >> better safe than sorry. >> reporter: katrina. >> there you go. a lot of people remember these storms coming through here before. >> reporter: little abby goodrich from hampton. what do you think about earl? hurricane earl? >> i don't like him. >> reporter: five families from new york rented the house next door. believe it or not, they are following earl north to their homes in new york. >> we have to get home. i want to be home when it hits new york so we can take care of our house. we live on the coast, too. >> that hurricane is expected to move quickly up the east coast. people in ocean city, maryland, some of them lfrd taking advantage of big waves down there. chris gordon reports now on others and how they're faring. >> reporter: ride the wild surf. it is not typical for ocean at
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this. but earl is already affecting the waves hear. and only body boarders with years of experience are allowed to ride. >> you endanger the life guards. you don't know what you're doing. you go out there and you just get tossed around by the waves and stuff. >> reporter: you've been doing this how many years? >> probably about 16 or 17. >> reporter: the beach patrol says you should stand in water no deeper than your waist. this father was cautious, taking his kids into the ocean. >> reporter: more or less we tan on the edge. not to get pulled away by the current. there is a concerning of course, but safety is first. the first priority. >> reporter: then there are the thrill seekers who get knocked down and dragged. >> it pulls you in or sucks you back in, it push you back out. you can't tan at all. you have to like fight it. >> the rip currents can be moving at 5 or six miles an hour, faster than most people can swim. it becomes a danger. r at the owing city public safety building, the emergency
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management team met to plan for earl which they believe will pass by the coast as a tropical storm. >> i think it is okay to travel now. it will start to pick up a little bit as we go forward. we won't see any dramatic change until about 2:00 in the morning. >> reporter: ocean city's mayor said he doesn't want anyone driving during the height of the storm. the wind and the rain which forecasts say will begin about midnight tonight and end friday afternoon. but he says if you wait to drive out here, you're liable to have a great weekend in ocean city. chris gordon, news4. still ahead in our broadcast, a face to face meeting to bring peace in the middle east. we'll tell you what happens today when top leaders met here in washington. the historic theater getting ready for some change. i'm julie carey in old town manassas. normally a new business is welcome with open arms. some community leaders are opening this new business doesn't open at all because of what it is selling.
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also laterering with remember grandpa hogett who recently passed away. roger federer cruises at the open. the last redskins preseason game. last chance for the young fellows to impression. plus last night in miami, it was a .
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the coast guard now says there are no immediate signs of another oil spill in the gulf coast after a shallow water oil rig exploded. about 200 miles west of the bp disaster site this morning, there were initial reports of an oil sheen spreading. but folks near it haven't seen anything. the workers on the rig have been rescued. it is owned by mariner energy. israeli and palestinian leaders again were making an effort to reach a peace agreement today. it's been nearly two years since israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian president mahmoud abbas met face to face for peace talks. secretary of state hillary rodham clinton said the u.s. takes an active role in the process but will not impose a solution. the two visiting leaders acknowledge that reaching a deal will not be easy.
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>> a lasting peace will be achieved only with mutual and painful confessions from both sides. >> what is encouraging as well, what is giving us confidence, the road is clear. in front of us. >> it believes for these negotiations to succeed, they must be kept private. >> those talks concluded with an agreement to meet again in two week in the middle east. and every two weeks, there after. >> wall street rallied today ahead of what is supposed to be a positive report about the job market. the dow added 51 points to close at 10,320. the nasdaq gained 23 points to close at 2,200. the s&p was up 10 points to close at 1090. the optimism was also prompted by new data that shows home and retail sales are also rebounding. developers broke ground today on a $28 million
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restoration of the historic howard theater in northwest washington. it could open as early as november of 2011. there is a new athleter to retain its facade. it will have new banquet space and video and audio equipment. the theater was a first of its kind showcase for many black artists when it first opened back in 1910. it helped launch the careers of artists such as pearl bailey and ella fitzgerald and many more. a new venue and conference verpt. the officials along with representatives from live nation broke ground today on the new fillmore silver spring today. the new 34,000 foot facility will bring music and entertainment acts to the downtown silver spring area that is being built behind the old
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j.c. penney facade. the silver spring location will be able to seat 5,000 to 10,000 people. in manassas, virginia, plans to open an adult themed store in the old town area has riled some community leaders. they stay store will ruin the wholesome environment they've worked very hard to create there. the store owner says her shop is being unfairly judged. julie carey has more on this. >> reporter: old town ñimanassa local leaders have spent hundreds of thousands to make it family friendly. that's why some are alarmed to learn, this new store opening soon will feature adult items. the window promises dvds, lotions, lingerie and more. they've called a community meeting. >> it is a big quhern a porno shop wants to locate here.
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we have them in prince william county and manassas and i've never raised a fuss about it. i've never gone out to shut them down. right here in old town is not the place to do it. >> reporter: the director of the arts center down the block agrees. >> we have the center for the arts. we have a lot of classes in the arts. we have thousands of children that come through every year. and their parents, and i think it is absolutely the wrong place to have a shop like this. >> reporter: but the store owner, kimberly said they should have spoken to her first. she said her boutique will be upscale. she promises when the paper come off, the front windows won't feature anything different than what you would see at a mall lingerie store. >> a lot of women we talk to don't feel good about going to certain places because they felt trashy and we are trying to open
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a boutique that is very comfortable and not trashy. >> reporter: some of her business neighbors support her right to open the store. >> it is going to be an adult store. and i think that they have the right to be in business and do what they want to do, as long as it is not against the law and it is not against the law. the people who don't like it, they have their choice to stay away from it. >> reporter: and this customer says he believes the store front can be done tastefully. >> you can ask them to sort of child proof it. >> reporter: residents will see for themselves next month when k.k. temptation will open next month. >> the meeting will take place at city hall. coming up, north carolina
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getting ready to get, is under a state of emergency. hurricane earl approaches the outer banks. >> the question for us is how it wil chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank.
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with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help. ♪ down a bit. too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet?
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hurricane earl is weakening a little but still nothing to take for granted. >> it's really not. more good news, too. the frame of the radar taking it a little bit away from the coastline, toward north carolina. that means it will be further
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away from our coastline as well. this is not going to be a huge deal for most of us across the area. a lot of questions coming in on our live web chat. what if you're traveling along i-95? if you're going up or down i-95, you should be okay tomorrow. let's take a look and see what's happening in our area. not a bad day. a little on the warm side. a little more humid, too. once again, plenty of sunshine as high pressure has been dominating our region over the past couple of days. we did see a high temperature today of 95 degrees. that make at this time 59th so far this summer. yes, it was a little more humid. right now i'm forecasting 94 tomorrow. that would be 60 90-degree days. that puts us in the top three all time hottest summers we've ever seen. hagerstown around 94. leonard town, salisbury go
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around 81. manassas around 90. we don't expect anything during the day around ma this is as. a lot of us will be wondering, what hurricane? it is to the south and it is what is bringing the cloud cover right now. some high clouds streaming in from the hurricane. that make it toward the norris. now moving to the north at about 18 miles per hour. it was very well organizations last night but now starting to lose its strength. the eye no longer as it was earlier. it is moving to the east. we'll show you a radar picture. here's the eye. here's the outer banks right here. here's cape hatteras and take a look at the eye. the circulation, right down here. it looked like a secondary trying to form. that could if you are weaken the storm system but also increase the wind. right around here, let look at wrightville beach. no rain right now, they have seen a couple bands come through but very light bands. a rather angry owing. thor along
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the outer banks. then where does it go in there? right past our area. now about 200 miles off the coast. we're not going to see hurricane force winds at all around our region. there is still a hurricane watch up in parts of the region. the bigger news, i think we have a chance of seeing some tropical storm gusts, maybe upwards of 40 to 45 or 50 miles an hour along the beach. down toward chincoteague, assateague. once again, there are those winds. thru to 50 miles per hour. then 20 to 40. annapolis, maybe 15 to 30. then around d.c., maybe only 10 to 20 and further west, not much in the way of wind at all. most of us will not see any effects. tonight, we'll look at 90 degrees for the high. saturday, not bad. a little on the windy side behind the system.
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we'll see a high of around 79 degrees. 80 on your sunday. 85 on monday. saturday, sunday, monday, it is looking very good through next week as well. back to around 90 degrees tuesday and wednesday. we're dodging a big blut here. coming up, police search the home of the man kill in that hostage situation yesterday. mayor adrian fenty makes an emotional appeal to keep his job. the dmv in virginia is finally back open. there will be new extended hours. coming, the final preseason game in arizona. niger morgan starting a huge brawl in miami. and the u.s. open, roger federer is rolling.
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there are new details about the man who took three people hostage as police officers searched james lee's home. today police found two guns that lee had yesterday in his possession during the hostage situation. both turned out to be starter pistols. >> meanwhile, the people who live in the neighborhood where lee was living were quite shocked about all of this.
6:30 pm
derrick ward has more on all of this. >> reporter: not a lot of action out here. all the action was in wheaton a few miles from here. authorities searched that home and they found four devices which they say they detonated. not a lot of details with those devices. speaking to his neighbors, they couldn't go into details either. it seem mr. lee remained an enigma. people converged on this house in beaton. james lee rented a room in that house. >> it was really scary. it looked like they had a s.w.a.t. team. obviously montgomery county, they had, i'm not sure who else. a lot of activity and they block it off. >> reporter: neighbors say they didn't particularly stand out. >> i did see the gentleman come and go but never had the opportunity to really meet him or talk to him. >> reporter: authorities removed several boxes from the home and they approached it very cautiously since lee reportedly had some sort of explosive device during his takeover of
6:31 pm
the discovery building. the authorities say they removed additional devices which weren't detonated two years ago, lee threw money into the air to attract people's attention to his cause. >> when he was herering would do it. he would offer people money to get the message across. >> but she said she saw nothing but kindness from james lee. my son was about 6 months old when he was here. he would say, i'll help you out. like he never won anything. he just wanted people to get his message. >> reporter: still, he was known as a security rick and the courts had ordered him to stay away from the building. now the return was deadly for him. those who knew him barely knew him and wondered. >> you never know what's going on in your neighborhood. >> reporter: we're live in silver spring, pat, back to you. >> thanks.
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thousands of virginia drivers will finally be able to renew their licenses again. the computer glitch at the dmv is finally fix. as of today, all 74 offices are fully operational. but the word is still getting out. the arlington office was practically empty today. dmv offices are extending their hours to clear up the backlog. and the governor has ordered more than a dozen locations to open on sunday and on labor day. locations and hours are listed on the dmv's website. here the district mayor is asking voters to give him a second chance as mayor. the appeal came during a debate with front running challenger. after that,ly wife spoke emotionally for her husband. >> reporter: d.c. mayoral candidate shared pizza thursday. >> gray is not a bad guy but he
6:33 pm
was a bad manager. >> reporter: and mayor fuente release ad new ad attacking the administration. but the big event in the mayor's race came wednesday in a debate sponsored in part by nbc 4 between gray and fenty who is now trailing gray in recent polls. fenty, a first term mayor widely criticized for being dismissive of many city leaders and groups pleaded for a second chance with voters. many of whom liked the progress under fenty but not fenty's personality. >> if you do not find in it your heart to forgive me and give me a second chance, i will have no one to blame but myself. i ask you to believe in me again. believe in d.c. and believe in this campaign. >> reporter: gray whose late starting campaign overtook a massive fundraising lead dismissed fenty's appeal. >> frankly, i don't think it is a change of heart. i think it is a change of strategy. that's to convince people now
6:34 pm
that i'm going to be a different person than i've been for three years and eight and a half months of a term that you're going to become a different person in two weeks. i don't think so. >> reporter: it is unclear whether fenty's emotional plael affect the race in which turnout could be a significant factor during almost two week of voting. his personality remains a big question mark. after the form, his wife michelle showed the strain of so many people saying they don't like her husband. >> everything that he's ever done is for his community. and these are his people. the hard charging way he has behaved is for the people of the city. >> reporter: tom sherwood, news4, washington. both fenty and gray say it could hinge on the early get out the votes. maryland state senator
6:35 pm
ulysses has been indicted on bribery, conspiracy and extortion. he is accused of illegally using his influence to help shoppers food and business dealings. it said he took more than chb 245,000 from the grocery chain between 2002 and 2008. his home was raid in the 2008 as part of a federal investigation. currie's lawyer denies any wrongdoing on his client's behalf. he is running unopposed to his senate seat in november. coming up next, hurricane earl is bringing back bad memories of isabel for people living near chesapeake bay. >> and
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no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments,
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more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it and restoring the gulf coast. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right.
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our meteorologist doug kammerer has an update on hurricane earl. >> it won't affect most of us. if you're thinking about traveling to the beaches, you may want to wait until tomorrow afternoon. inland, this is the forecast. 92 degrees. a little more humidity in the air today. high clouds increasing as a result of earl. a nice evening. 80 to 89 degrees.
6:39 pm
the sunset, 7:three. tomorrow morning when you wake up, a few high clouds. that's about it. the only chance of showers, southern maryland and along the beaches, down toward the delmarva. 66 to 74 degrees tomorrow morning most of us will see men have sunshine. showers along the eastern shore and right along beaches. you'll see some rain turning breezy in that location. 85 to 90 degrees during the day tomorrow. 79 on your saturday. >> thanks, doug. just the thought of hurricane earl gets people living near chesapeake bay nashbacks to seven years ago. when that hurricane isabel left a ton of destruction in its path. darcy spencer talk to residents keeping a close eye on the weather radar. >> a refrigerator or freezer off
6:40 pm
the ground. it is flooded. >> reporter: he said he learned his lesson during hurricane isabel. be prepared. with hurricane earl making its way up the east coast, he is nervous. >> i don't want to get spanked again. >> reporter: he lives in the chesapeake bay community called shadyside. back in 2003, many of his neighbors' homes were under several feet of water. he is keeping his kayak handy. >> this was the mode of transportation right after isabel. i figure it could be my mode of transportation again. >> reporter: the bay waters appear tranquil now but residents will never forget the day when the storm surge destroyed their home and uprooted their lives. david markum's home was lifted off its foundation. they have a new dream home now but it has taken years to get back on their feet. >> we lived in an rv for 2 1/2
6:41 pm
years. >> reporter: fighting the insurance company. they built their new home on flood gates and it is above the flood gate this time. >> the last house standing if a hurricane come through here. >> reporter: i was here seven years ago it was. completely under water. since then, people have rebuilt their home but their lives have been forever changed. gabriel lost his home. at the age of 72, will to tea a mortgage to build this new prefabricated house. his wife shown in this newspaper clipping has since passed away. >> everything that i have. >> reporter: he remembers vividly the morning isabel came calling. >> had i stayed, i would have been soaked in my bed. it was very deep. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news4. we've got sports coming up. we have a football game a &
6:42 pm
a huge brawl that looked like a football game last night in a baseball game. nigel morgan starts what was a monster fight in florida. what will happen to him? roger federer makes quick work at the u.s. open. plus that football game that vance is talking about. the back-up quarterbacks have one last chance to impress.
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6:44 pm
so for mcnabb and people like him, it doesn't much
6:45 pm
matter. for some guys this is a big one. >> it means everything. this is the last chance to fulfill their dream of having an nfl career, young and old alike. final cuts in the nfl coming up on saturday. so tonight, the final audition for a lot of players. 22 guys will be trimmed from the roster. great competition going on. wide receiver and running back and even back-up quarterback for that matter. the issue may have resolved itself in terms of the quarterback position. lindsay czarniak is out there. they their could be some surprises in terms of cuts in positions as well. >> reporter: there really are. they will start going over the final cuts. they need to make the final 22 cuts tomorrow. i will be watching brandon bank who's has really impressed the coaches. they like what he can do on special teams. i will not be surprised if he edges out someone like a veteran
6:46 pm
devin thomas. thomas is a guy who was disappointed because he hadn't been seen a lot in the past couple games. didn't play at all in the receiving core. so pay close attention. if he doesn't do anything to make waves, he could be gone from the roster. you mentioned the quarterback battle. we know mcnabb is not playing. rex grossman likely not playing at all. that leaves john beck and richard cartel. the curious thing is they find john beck to a contract extension yesterday. you would think that gives john beck the edge. beck, of course, is the guy that the redskins brought in here to try out because the fed coordinator kyle shanahan has been paying close attention to what beck could do since his days in college. he has been very, very impressed with that. so far, beck has gone nine of 18 for 103 yards. no touchdowns. no interceptions stoex redskins do like what they're seeing. but bartel has seen much less time. the time that he has been on the field, he really has made it count. outside the practice work, he's
6:47 pm
gone three of five for 44 yards. the game winner against the jets. you might think because of that contract, he has the edge but both guys are trying to impress. >> would you like to think everything is riding on this game. i don't it is. i've been here since march. i have a lot of work on tape and this offense, i think they have a pretty good idea of what i can and can't do. certainly it would be the cherry on top type deal but i'm not going in putting all my eggs in this game. i want to go execute the offense. be the complete quarterback. >> they've been clear to us how it will happen in the game. so now it is prepare the best you can, play and have fun. that's really what it is about. you have fun, play your best. i don't try to look at too much. try to overthink the situation. just play football. john beck likely to get that start tonight here in arizona. and of course, rex grossman, you would think they're not playing him because of the chance that donavan might be more injured
6:48 pm
than they think. everybody knows they will be starting that first regular season game against the cowboysful one more note. the honorary coin toss will be given by the redskins former line coach joe bugle, pretty cool, huh? >> he is living the good life out there in arizona. >> yeah. good stuff. thank you. >> he is. they've got ties to him here. >> absolutely. who doesn't love joe bugle? >> nobody. >> here, arizona. very interesting tid bit about devin thomas. here's a guy who thought he was going to be a starter going into the season and i think we all downplayed in the media the fact that he didn't play at all in that third game. that's the most important game of the preseason and now one of these young guys could edge him out. >> we've been waiting for him to come around for three years now. >> all right. baseball time. niger morgan turned last night's nationals/marlins game into a
6:49 pm
steel cage match. that smallest player started a fight with the marlins' biggest player and didn't think twice about it. maybe it is because niger grew up playing hockey and he has always considered himself tough, or grimy, as he likes to put it. down in miami, max trailed 14-3. niger morgan's second at-bat. chris volstad drills him in the back side it was. payback for morgan's hard hit on the catcher. morgan takes the bait. then he steals second base. that's what he does. he is a little guy. he like to steal bases. apparently the marlins said it was bad baseball etiquette when you're down by 11 runs. he said then i'll steal third. he would later score in the sixth. the marlin threw behind him and let the steal cage match begin. a big punch and then a clothes line from gabby sanchez. check out this clothes line. takes him down. and in comes -- look at the
6:50 pm
coach. he jumps on the pitcher, defending his player. he is 42 years old. make sure that nothing happened to his guy. volstad, a little bloodied up. he gets ejected. he was acting afterwards like he had been in the big mma match. the seven game suspension from another incident. now it could be more. here's morgan's take on the dust stop. >> just going out there, playing the game. and i guess they took at this time wrong way. they hit me the first time. so be it. but he hit two other of our guys. cool. then whistling another one. we have to go. just picking up for myself and defending my teammates and going out there and doing what i have to do. i'm a hard nosed player. i'm grimy and i just want to go throughout and just, just try to protect myself basically. >> in my opinion, you're going to get what's coming to you if you do that. and tonight, i think with the time we had to show him we wouldn't put up with the way he was treating us.
6:51 pm
after last night, with you also with the way he is taking the bases up. he just, after he got hit. >> i think they were going to hit him again anyway. i'm glad he stole those bases. they hit him. he went to first base. he took his medicine. i don't know that yesterday's play was right or wrong. but we were going to let it go. and niger went to first base. if they hit you and you feel like you didn't do anything wrong, thats the way he felt about it. he took those bases. that's his business. we don't let anybody else decide. whatever the reason was for throwing at him again, i got no problems with what took place after that. jim riggleman on outfielder nigel morgan, likely going to hand down a ruling on the situation. no later than friday. so niger already waiting on a seven-game suspension.
6:52 pm
he has appealed that. there could be more games here. and i just -- you don't condone fighting but i love the scrapiness of that guy. i love that he won't take any gruff from anybody. >> and you have to like riggleman though. this is not the first time that he has stood up for his players and said, maybe there was a little, may have gone this way, may have gone that way. he always stands up for his players. i think they have to appreciate that. >> i think jim has had some issues with him in the past. some of the thing he's done and called him out. this is a time they've certainly had his back. tennis, i know you've watched the match. he would advance. >> you know roger federer. i know that was not much of a match. >> an hour and 41 minutes. >> still ahead on our broadcast, >> still ahead on our broadcast, remembering a
6:53 pm
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we celebrate the life of a very serious redskins fan. his name was rich campbell. he was one of the founding members of the hogetts. that band of brothers who loved helping local charities as much as they loved their football team. people called him grandpa hogett. he died last friday at the age
6:56 pm
of 73. and he was known as the life of the party. >> reporter: ralph campbell was born in boston in 1937. the same year that the football team in bean town moved to the nation's capital and became the washington redskins. people knew him believed that was prophetic. >> if ever there was a natural born ham, it was grandpa hogett. >> reporter: he joined the navy in 1954. he was a dedicated sailor. when asked where he wanted to be assignering would always say any ship anywhere. >> wanted to see the world. >> reporter: on november 18th, 1961, he married connie in tennessee. she remembers falling in love with the clark gable look-alike with a twinkle in his eyes. >> he was charming. a man of many words. many words. >> reporter: in 1983, campbell and the other guys who were
6:57 pm
self-described big burly manly men decided to don dresses, wigs, fancy hats and pig snouts in the name of supporting the washington redskins the same as the offensive line known as the hogs. they were not really a pretty smart but they made people laugh. >> reporter: these grown men in women's dresses called themselves hogetts. they were part street theater. a ban of makeshift mascots born out of a common love for our football team. >> when others would give up on them, and maybe even depart, and start looking at the other team, he never gave up. he always health out hope. it will always happen. if not this year, then next year. he was about the most devoted fan you'll ever see. >> reporter: campbell started out wearing his mother's old striped dress. as he bulked up, he switched to a bright yellow moo-moo which he claimed was developed by calvin
6:58 pm
swine. he became affectionately known as grandpa. >> he was funny. always made me laugh. always made everyone laugh. >> reporter: over the years the hogetts grew and so did their popularity. he raised money for charities, maze hundred of appearances and even posed for their own calendar. funeral services will be held saturday. his family says he will be buried wearing a redskins tie and a football, no dress. he will finally make it to the place he always wanted to be. hog heaven. news4, washington. >> may he rest in peace. >> you know what i blik that piece? celebrating that life. the weather, i'll tell you. tonight will be a great night. tomorrow, not a bad day and many of you will be wondering what
6:59 pm
hurricane? there it is. hurricane earl 115 miles an hour. a category 3 will make its way off our shoreline toward the atlantic beaches tomorrow afternoon. but again, most of us will not feel much in the way of effects. 90 tomorrow. 79 on saturday. much cooler over the weekend. and a little on the breezy side as well. >> thank you. the watermen from saint mary's county, he put out a net on monday in the potomac river. he checked the net on tuesday. and oh, my lord, what he found. a bowl shark, eight feet long. and a bull shark not in a good mood. some marine experts say a bull shark is a really mean sucker. willy dean is no expert but he does know this. that shark did not go easily. they wrestled it for two hours before they finally brought it in. the shark is in the freezer. he said he isn't sure what he will do with it. >> let's hope that was the only one of its kind in that harbor. >>

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